About me

As a kid, I was already fascinated by the nature around me. I enjoyed the fresh air, the quietness, the great views and the beauty of nature. It did not matter whether it was spring, summer, autumn or fall; all seasons brought something special. Even when it was raining, cloudy, freezing or snowing; I enjoyed nature in all weather conditions.

word_cloud_travelDuring my childhood I saw a lot of my home country, the Netherlands, but also some places in Germany and Belgium. When I got older, I learned more about other countries. I was curious about the nature, the culture and made a list of countries I would like to visit when I got older. I was sixteen when I travelled to Prague and Austria. At that age, I also started studying Tourism and Recreation. I wanted to make a job out of my passion.

I graduated and finished three other studies after this, but until now, I haven’t made a career out of my passion. Instead I also became passionate about languages, cultures, writing and photography. Having all these passions, and finally having found some time, I thought that all these passions could be well used in writing a blog. And so this blog was born!

I love adventure, exploring the unknown, meeting locals and seeking nature. I already saw a lot of Europe, lived in Munich (Germany) as well as in Cape Girardeau (Missouri, USA) for several years and travelled to some countries in Asia. My travel list is long enough to feed my lust for exploring the world. Each year I hope to fulfill a part of my dream: to explore the world! Hopefully, my stories and my adventures will inspire you to travel, to open your senses for new experiences and to live your dreams,