Dubai, a paradise of greatness

dubai skyscrapersEverybody has heard of Dubai; a modernized city in the desert with skyscrapers, palm-shaped islands, huge malls and many more huge and great things. But when you ask several people about its location, you will hear different answers. Some believe that Dubai is the capital of Saudi Arabia. Others consider Dubai as a place of its own, like Liechtenstein or Vatican City. However, Dubai is neither a country nor a capital. Dubai is a city and one of the seven emirates (states) in the United Arab Emirates. It is Abu Dhabi which is the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Be WoWed by the World Records

When walking in Dubai it is amazing to believe that this city was a desert where Nomads Burj Khalifa in Dubaitraveled around with their flocks about 30 years ago. Now the city is unrecognizable; from flocks and camels Dubai became the city of gold or the city of the future.

The tallest building, the largest shopping mall, the most expensive, luxurious and highest hotel, the fastest elevator, the largest flower garden, the highest lobby, the highest giant wheel, the largest performing fountain, the largest theme park, the highest located restaurant, the most expensive fountain, and so I can go on and on and on….. Dubai is all about largest, biggest and highest; it is an amazing paradise of greatness.

A missing WoW-moment at Burj al Arab

Seven stars hotel in Dubai (Burj al Arab)The Burj al Arab is world’s only seven stars hotel. An amazing hotel at a wonderful location, at least that was what I thought before going to Dubai. Standing in front of this luxurious hotel, I wondered what makes this hotel special. Somehow I expected more. I thought there would be a WoW moment, a special feeling, or something like that. A female police officer arrived in a Lamborghini police car. But neither the hotel, nor the police car impressed me. Maybe it is the inside that makes this hotel so special, but I always thought that both would impress me. It might sound silly but I had quite of a WoW moment at an air-conditioned bus stop.

Coming soon

Marina Bay is Dubai’s district where you can find many skyscrapers. Some of these are more than 400 meters high. The entire marina is man-made and is the world’s largest maConstruction work in Dubain-made marina. Unfortunately, at the time we were in Dubai, the boulevard was under construction. Everywhere we looked we saw constructers working. We expected a lively surrounding with many restaurants and bars but everywhere we looked, we saw a sign telling us that this restaurant is “coming soon”.

Fishes and sharks in a shopping mall

If you like shopping, Dubai Mall is the place to be. This mall is incredible huge. It is fascinating to see the large and high aquarium in the mall. I could stand there for hours to watch the many fishes and even sharks. There is a possibility to walk through a tunnel and watch the underwater species from different sides. For a yet better encounter with the fishes you can even do cage snorkeling and see the sharks really close. Our time was too short for this experience.

Chaotic at the top

We bought a ticket for the Burj Khalifa online before we flew to Dubai. This saves a lot of time. You need to book in advance if you want to get up around sunrise or sunset. We went up shortly after sunset. In seconds the elevator brought us to the 124th floor. It is even possible to go to the 148th floor, but of course, that means a more expensive ticket. The ticket was not worth the experience. I expected much more. It was crowded and the best viewing points were continuously taken. You had to pay attention and be quick to get a better view of Dubai. It was too crowded at the sight of the fountain, particularly during the show. We were unable to get a good glimpse at it. The other views were nice but not more than an evening / night view at a city. If I would do this again, I would buy a day ticket in the hope to see the palm islands.

View from restaurant at Dubai FountainA fascinating show

Next to the Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa you will find the Dubai Fountain. This fountain spurts water unbelievable high. It is in one word “Awesome”. You won’t get tired watching the dancing fountain while listening to music. You can experience this fascinating fountain show every half hour from 6 pm until 11 pm. The darker it is, the more impressing and appealing. Reserve a table at the fountain and enjoy this amazing view while you are having dinner. It is a great way to finish your day or vacation!

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