Travel bucket list

While many people make resolutions at the start of a new year, I made a travel bucket list, which lists all the places I would like to visit from 2016 onwards. I would like to share this bucket list with you. Who knows will you add some of these destinations to your travel bucket list or can you give me some tips about my dreams.

The list

In general I would like to…

  • Visit all seven continents: Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Australia and Antarctica.
  • Swim in every ocean: the Atlantic, the Pacific, the Indian, the Southern and the Arctic Ocean.
  • Be amazed by the seven wonders of the ancient world: the Great Pyramid of Egypt, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Statue of Zeus at Olympia, the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, the Colossus of Rhodes and the Lighthouse of Alexandria.
  • Visit the Top 10 amazing UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Great Barrier Reef (Australia), Machu Picchu (Peru), Central Amazon Conservation Complex (Brazil), Petra (Jordan), Angkor (Cambodia), Old City of Jerusalem, Galapagos Islands (Ecuador),  Jiuzhaigou Valley Scenic (China),  Acropolis (Greece) and Los Glaciares National Park (Argentina).

And more specifically, I would love to visit the following countries:

  • Costa Rica, walking in a rainforest and in a beautiful and magnificent cloud forest with mysterious fogs, making my child’s dream come true.
  • India to experience the Indian cultural traditions, to enjoy the Indian food, to practice meditation and yoga, to visit the Taj Mahal and much more!
  • Cuba, dreaming about dancing salsa with the Cuban people, smoking the Cuban cigar, drinking the real mojito, strolling through the historical, colorful cities and enjoying Cuban music.
  • Australia: would it not be magical to dive in Australia and to see the remarkable variety and beauty of the Great Barrier Reef in real life?
  • Iceland: chilly but different. Breathtaking landscapes, ancient sagas…. and experiencing the mysterious lights of the northern lights (in Iceland or Norway).
  • Greece to learn and explore about Greek mythology.
  • Africa: an adventure tour through the African savanna, watching wild animals, like elephants, lions and giraffes in their natural habitat, and a hiking tour through the tropical forests to watch gorillas.
  • Canada and Alaska, hiking through the pristine nature, visiting a friend and having an amazing look at the Niagara Falls.
  • Missouri, USA, visiting friends and getting back to the old days.
  • Peru to visit Inca cities, like Machu Picchu with Inca architecture as temples, palaces, waterways, paths, etc.
  • Bolivia: ancient cultures, inspiring landscapes and colorful towns
  • Brazil: pristine rain forests and the real carnival
  • Nepal/Tibet, trekking through the mountainous landscape of Tibet (The Roof of the World) and reaching the Everest Base Camp, enjoying sunset in the mountains, experiencing cultural life in the rural villages sprawled over the mountains and learning from the different religions and faiths.
  • China: of course, the great wall and Chinese festivals, like Chinese New Year, should not fail on this list.
  • Laos: they say the most chilled-out people live in Laos. I love to learn and experience more about this culture.
  • Cambodia to visit the Angkor temples, considered to be one of the most important archaeological sites in South-East Asia.
  • Vietnam, biking through the rice paddy fields and through traditional villages.
  • USA to visit national parks like Antelope Canyon, Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Zion, Brice Canyon and Monument Valley.
  • Moscow to visit the Kremlin and the Red Square or take the Trans-Siberian Railway and travel to Beijing.
  • Egypt/Jordan to visit pyramids, be amazed by the endless golden sand, float in the Dead Sea and visit the ancient city of Petra, a spectacular destination which is half-built and half-carved into a rock.
  • Israel to discover the old part of the ancient, religious city of Jerusalem, to enjoy the scenic treasures from the Golan Heights and to visit the fascinating city of Nazareth.
  • Turkey, exploring the historical city of Ankara with the Blue Mosque, Grand Bazaar and the spice markets, visiting the underground city of Derinkuyu, admiring the attractive buildings of the oldest city in the world (Konya), hiking through the fairytale landscape of Cappadocia and exploring Ephesus and its temple of Artemis.
  • Rumania, staying in Hotel Castle Dracula and hiking through the diverse landscapes.
  • Japan to watch sumo wrestling and to enjoy the cherry blossom.

I also dream about….

  • Swimming with pigs in the Bahamas
  • Diving
  • Skydiving
  • Climbing mountains
  • Horse riding
  • See a great white shark
  • Whale watching
  • Dog sledding
  • Ride a dune buggy
  • Experience water ball walking
  • Exciting (extreme) hikes
  • Do yoga with the monks
  • Swim with dolphins

What do you think is missing on this list and should be definitely a must see or do?

The first place I will hit from this list will be Cuba probably. If you have been there, tell me about your experiences and your advice of what to do and what not. I will keep you updated about my life achievements.

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